Wellness Vision Exam or Medical Eye Exam

Which do you need?

photo eye-1010677_1920 A wellness vision exam includes a screening for eye disease and an eye refraction. Eye refraction is the measurement of a glasses prescription and the determination of the appropriateness of glasses or contact lens wear for you. If you wish to receive a glasses or contact lens prescription at your next visit, you should notify the appointment scheduler that you would like to book a wellness vision exam. We will expect to bill your vision insurance for this exam. Some patients may have specific vision insurance to cover all or a part of this type of visit that is different from their medical insurance.

 A medical eye exam is typically covered by medical insurance and includes diagnosis and treatment of eye related medical diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, corneal disease, eye infections, dry eye, etc. If the intention for your visit is to be evaluated for a medical eye condition, then notify the appointment scheduler you need a medical eye exam. We will expect to bill your medical insurance for this exam. If your insurance requires a referral please contact them to ensure one is on record before your appointment.

 If at a wellness vision exam, the doctor suspects an eye disease is present, it is likely that another appointment would need to be scheduled for you to return and see a specialist for a medical eye exam.

 We recommend you call your insurance company to verify benefits and coverage if you are unsure if you have vision insurance. Your insurance company is the best source to answer questions about your coverage. Many times if you have both vision and medical insurance they are through two separate insurance companies so be sure to check for multiple sources of coverage, or contact your human resources department for help.

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