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ASP_2235The eye’s have IT when it comes to Logic Eye Care Inc. IT = Ideal Thought. The thought of taking an old fashion practice and applying it to today’s society. Logic Eye Care Inc has found its niche by building its optometric practice on mobile care service.Founder, Dr. Hill-Bennett began her career in optometry in 1998, by leasing office space from a Commercial Optical in Media, Pa. The commercial practice was too mechanical in a robotic type of way. The only outcome was to sell glasses. There was no real connection to the patient. The private sector was where Dr. Hill-Bennett experienced the most satisfaction. While working for a small private practice she was introduced to the need of providing optometric care within multiple settings. She was afforded the opportunity to work in the Philadelphia Prison System, providing ocular care for inmates.

Late in 2000 Dr. Tamara Hill-Bennett was introduced to the world of Home Care. By 2030 1 out of 5 Americans will be 65 year and older. The stability and continuity of life is important and vision plays an important role in the longevity of life. In 2001 she established Logic Eye Care Home Care Service providing home care for senior citizens and disabled persons. During the early years of the business, Logic Eye Care’s motto was “your home is our office” because there was no actual office. In 2003 Logic Eye Care Inc, expanded into providing primary optometric with in an office setting by sharing office space with other like minded practitioners. While attending Optometry school Dr. Tamara Hill-Bennett studied pediatric optometric this made her eager to service school age children.

Dr. Hill-Bennett made several attempts to provide vision service within the Philadelphia Public School System, but was unsuccessful. Her entrepreneur spirit did not waiver, in 2009 she started a program called Healthy Vision Charter School Initiative. The program focused on providing eye examinations in the school for the students who failed a school screening performed by the school nurse. It was a success, the smiles on the students faces when they can see clearly is unremarkable.In 2011 with the support of her husband Dr. Tamara Hill- Bennett moved Logic Eye Care into a high traffic area in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. Establishing office hours for primary care, contact lens and optical wear.


Eyeglass selection

We have a large collection of the latest styles of glasses for all ages.  We are sure you will find something that fits your personality.  We have Eye Wear packages available for that second pair or those that do not have vision coverage.

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Our office is still open during the Covid-19 shut-down, we are deemed essential services. 

We are providing the following services: ocular emergencies, tele-health,

and routine eye care. We are enforcing COVID -19 safety protocols.  Follow

the latest advice of the CDC and your own health care professionals as to

how best to keep yourself safe.  For appointments and  more information

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