Refractive services

Refraction is the procedure that evaluates the need for glasses. A refraction service is equivalent to Routine Eye Evaluation. Refractive services do not include assessing or evaluating ocular health.

Optical boutique

Our optical boutique carries a wide selection of frames that fits every budget. Our Optical consultants are trained to educate you on the importance of eye wear as it pertains to your ocular health. We have arranged lens value packages for your benefit. These lens packages provides you with the highest quality lenses at the lowest cost. We offer a one year warranty temple to temple package that includes replacement of lenses and or frames. We also have accessory items to match your new look.


The American Optometric Associations Recommends eye examinations as early as 6 months of age. At Logic Eye Care we are committed to evaluating ocular health of children as early as 2 years old. It is crucial for child to have good vision and healthy eyes to grow and learn. 80% of learning starts with good vision health.

Primary care

We provide Primary care to all patients we service with in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We are your Primary Care Doctors for your eyes. We treat and monitor many ocular diseases that present in our office. If further evaluations are needed we refer our patients to the best ocular specialist in the Philadelphia.

Contact Lens

Contact lenses are considered a medical devise. We take pride in evaluating the corneal surface of each patient new and established, assuring a perfect fit for your contact lens. Corneal evaluation is also important for the longevity of contact lens wear.

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